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Semester 4

Module 1

Tech Republic PAT example:

Cisco Document: How NAT Works

NAT: Local and Global Definitions:

Configuring Network Address Translation: Getting Started:


Module 3 - PPP

Understanding and Configuring PPP CHAP Authentication:

Understanding debug ppp negotiation Output:


Module 4 - ISDN/DDR

Telecommunications: Glossary of Telecommunication Terms - Alphabet soup

Network Design Guides -Curriculum Link

ISDN Vendor's Description

Review of the PSTN:

History of the Telephone Exchange:

SS7 between exchanges:

Cisco ISDN overview:

Setting Up ISDN Basic Rate Service:

CCNP Curriculum-ISDN:


Module 5 - Frame Relay

CCNP Curriculum-Check out the Frame Relay chapter from CCNP 6:

Frame Relay FAQs - General Questions and Answers

Configuring Frame Relay

Troubleshooting Frame Relay Connections:

Configuring Back-to-Back Frame Relay

Cisco Frame Relay commands:

Great resource for Networking definitions, and background information:

A good chapter on Frame Relay, by Jonathan Chin, for additional perspective:

Frame Relay for ICND Exam, by Wendell Odom:

Module 6-Network Administration

Network Management Basics:


Semester 4 Review

Know these very well:

Lab 1.1.4a Configuring NAT

Lab 1.1.5 Verifying NAT and PAT Configuration

Lab 1.2.6 Configuring DHCP

Semester 3-Module 3-Lab3.2.1 Configuring EIGRP Routing (From Semester 3 curriculum)

Lab 3.3.3 Configuring PPP Authentication

Lab 5.2.2 Configuring Frame Relay PVC

Work through others as well...


Semester 3

Module 1

Internal Components of a Cisco 2514 Router:
Cisco 2514 Overview-Media Object

Understanding IP Addressing: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know (.pdf):

CCO: Subnet Zero and the All-Ones Subnet

Using the IP Unnumbered Command:

FYI: MD5 Authentication

RIP Authentication and other nice configuration commands and examples:


Switch Port Security:

Module 6

Cat2950 Lab software:

Cat1900 Lab software:

Autonegotiation Troubleshooting Document from Fluke

Module 7

Good Spanning Tree Protocol Reference from Wikipedia:

Good Spanning Tree Protocol Reference from Cisco (Understanding STP):

Good Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol Reference from Cisco:

STP States:

Review OSI- Mind Map of OSI and TCP/IP Protocols
Cisco's Internetwork Design Guide:
Internetwork Design Guide

Module 9

Understanding and Configuring VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) - VTP documentation, including Flash animation:


Semester 2

Module 2

Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference, Release 12.2

Basic Command-Line Interface Commands

Cisco2514 Tour

Module 4

LAN Data Link Layer Protocols

CCNA TechNote: Basic Cisco Router Configuration and Management

Serial Connections

How to Select a Serial Cable

Lab Topology

Router Lab Topology

Installation Page-Config Maker, Configuration Register Decoder


8 Steps to Router Configuration Success (.pdf)

Router Bootup-

CISCO - Semester 2: Chapter 5 Quiz

What happens when a router boots up?

Router Boot Flowcharts

Password Recovery Procedures

Copy IOS from one Router to another

IOS Naming Conventions

IOS Naming Release Trains

IOS 12.2 Features

Using and Configuring AutoInstall:

Module 7


Distance Vector Routing

Further Practice:



Further Info:




Descriptions of Split Horizon and Poison Reverse

A Good Comparison of Various Routing Protocols



Understanding Ping and Traceroute

Network Monitoring Tools List:


Inside the TCP/IP Handshake by Laura Chappell-   (Local Copy .pdf)

AnalyzingFTPPackets (.pdf)

MTU troubleshooting and Dr. TCP

TCP Finite State Machine - Some interesting reading, check Google for TCP FSM - Well-Known, Registered ports, etc



Semester 1

Module 1

ASCII Charts:

Counting from 0 to 20 in binary:

Binary-Hex Conversion Worksheet:  -  Download Zip(.zip)

Rick's Binary-Decimal Conversion Practice: Rick'sBinaryDec-conv.exe

Jerry's Binary Fun website: Binary Fun by Jerry Wolski

Convert ASCII to Binary:

A nice Electronic Circuit simulator:

What is a decibel?

Cat5e Wiring tutorial from Cat5e Tutorial

Gigabit Crossover Cable Schematics for 10/100/1000 (See Fig.A-3): Gigabit Crossover Pinouts

Waves and Frequency


Module 6 and 7

Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet website:


OSI Model Resources:

Good OSI Model Resource:

Another good OSI Model Resource:

OSI Model Details, and good descriptions from :

OSI Model info from Cisco:

*OSI Model Table for Quiz Review: OSI Model Layers
For more detail about functions, see: OSI-Model-Functions

OSI Model Review-Ethereal Example: Ethereal: Looking at Steams of Packets

Request for Comments (RFCs):

Ethernet Frame Types Comparison: EthernetFrameTypes.pdf


Waveform for Lab 7.1.2: CCNA1-Mod7-WaveformLab_Lab712_waveform.pdf


Interesting Packet Analogy: 20 Ton Packets:

Module 8

Be the Switch! Check your switch forwarding understanding (Shockwave app)

Module 9

Binary Review: Binary Bytes Powerpoint Flashcards

Protocol Encapsulation Assignment Topology: Topology

General CCNA 1 Links

DSL Links- - Speed test

Telephone background info-

OSI model


How does a computer's uninterruptible power supply (UPS) work?

How Surge Protectors Work

How OSI Works

A guide to Ethernet terminology - Frame Formats, Timing Parameters

Ethernet and FastEthernet Design Rules- 5-4-3-2 Rule, and Ethernet Basics overview -

All Ethernet design docs - Includes Gigabit Ethernet

CCNA1 Module 4 Powerpoint








Iridium Systems Cat 5 Tutorial

IEEE 802 Standards Committee

What is Ethernet Full Duplex Operation?

Cisco's Proxy ARP Article (PDF) or Cisco's Proxy ARP Article  (link)

Warriors of the Net - Great Movie! (link)

Uri Raz's TCP/IP Links (link)

TCP/IP Fundamentals (link)

TCP/UDP Port Numbers (link)





Additional Reading

Improving Security on Cisco Routers

Obtaining and Installing SSH for Windows

General Cisco FAQs

Router Architecture Presentation - Details about Booting, RxBoot, rommon, Flash, Buffers

Mr. Mac's Cisco web page

Subnetting/ACL Links

Counting from 0 to 20 in binary:

Binary-Hex Conversion Worksheet:  -  Download Zip(.zip)

Rick's Binary-Decimal Conversion Practice: Rick'sBinaryDec-conv.exe

Jerry's Binary Fun website: Binary Fun by Jerry Wolski

Seeing the Subnets in Binary

Subnetting Worksheet and Subnetting Charts:
SubnettingWorksheetAndCharts.xls -Includes most underlying mathematical functions

Classless Subnetting Explained (.pdf)

Classful Subnetting Explained (.pdf)

Subnetting-Dividing a Network into two ranges

Understanding IP Addressing: Everything you ever wanted to know

Examining IP Addressing


Who snagged the Class A addresses?

Pacific Bell's CIDR Tutorial

Microsoft's IP Addressing Primer

Subnetting Exercises Homework - Semester 1

Subnetting Exercise - From Final Jeopardy

AdvancedTopics- InfrastructureACLs- ProtectingYourNetwork(.pdf)


ACL - Lab.pdf

TCP / IP Quiz - on

Certification Links


CCNA and Network+ Exam Registration Links - Thomson Prometric Testing Centers

Cisco CCNA

Great resource:


Excellent CCNA and CCNA exam preparation articles from The Bryant Advantage:

Intro / ICND / CCNA Tutorial: Should I take One Exam, Or Two ?

Four Tips For Success On CCNA And CCNP Exam Day: -good reviews, free site

CCNA 640-607 Practice Questions

640-607 Preparation Study Guide (.pdf)

640-607 Preparation Questions, Exhibits, and Answers(.pdf)

CCNA 640-607 Memorization Lists.doc

Cisco CCNA - What To Know

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the CCNA exam

CCNA Test prep

Free Stuff from Boson.Com - Boson Free Study Guide

Router Commands Reference **Nice Reference Sheet

Russell's Picks:


Cisco Networking for Dummies -Good Refresher

Several excellent books, much more detail for those who just have to know --
CCNA Exam Certification Guide, by Wendell Odom, from Cisco Press;
CCNA Study Guide, by Lamle et. al., from Sybex;
CCNA Certification, by Myhre, from PH/PTR.

Google Search on Certification Exam Questions

From CCNA for Dummies:   ** Russell: Highly Recommended

Free Cisco Exams - from

Free INTRO Practice Test : 40+ questions from

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Free downloadable CCNA Exams from simulationexams.dom sells exams, but you can download a trial preview copy

Pass-Guaranteed free questions



CompTIA Network+

CompTIA Network+ Certification Page

CompTIA Network+ Exam Objectives


Employment Links -Nice Portal to other Cisco Job Sites

Cisco Jobs on

2004 CCNA Salary Survey



ARIN IP Address Lookup:

INTERNIC Domain Name Lookup: