Outside Readings for General Biology

To cultivate your level of knowledge about current events in the sciences, you will be required to make 10 outside readings from the popular or technical scientific literature.

Select an article from a popular science publication.  Write a minimum of two paragraphs about the article.  The first is to be a summary of the topic.  The second will be your reaction/response to the subject.  End with a reference for further reading on this subject.  Be sure to give the citation (in proper format) for both the article you are summarizing and the 'further reading' reference.  For help in citing, click here.

Over the semester you must use at least five differenct sources.  Some suggestions are Discover magazine, Scientific American, the Tuesday Science section from the New York Times, online news services, scientific journals (Science, Nature) etc.  (Can you suggest others?).  You are encouraged to read outside of your major.