Newsworthy Topics in Biology

Spring 2001

Dr. Jerry Skinner, Capwell Hall 208, 945-5141, x3108. email: Office hours: M 10-11 am, 1-2 pm; W 10-12; Th 12 - 2 pm; F 11-12.

Class Meetings:
     Lectures in Capwell 212, T-Th 2-3:15 pm.
     Lab in Capwell 202: Wednesday 3-4:50 pm. 

Required Materials
Text: Discover magazine, Tuesday's Science section of the New York Times, and other assigned readings which will be provided to you.
Laboratory Materials will be available in the bookstore or handed out in class.

Course Description
Biology 101 is a one semester general biology course designed for the non-science major. This general biology course focuses on current events to direct our study of the concepts and ethics of the scientific method, cell biology, genetics, evolution, and biotechnology.

Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course you will be able to be a knowledgeable, literate, and active participant in an increasingly technological society. 

Attendance, Exams, and Assignments
You will attend ALL lectures and labs, and read all assigned materials beforehand. Attendance will be checked. There will be no makeup for lab quizzes. There is no makeup for lab sessions. **If you cannot attend an exam you will not be permitted to make it up unless I am informed beforehand! To reach me, leave a message with my VoiceMail. Regardless, YOU must contact me about scheduling a re-examination, which will be an oral test given during finals week.

Grading Policy:

Three exams @100 pts  = 300 pts
Comprehensive final = 100
Lab write-ups @10  = 100
Major lab write-up  =   50
Debate/Presentation = 100
Lab quizzes and exams  = 150
GRAND TOTAL  700 pts.

Extra Credit to be explained later = 20 points; perfect attendance bonus = 15 pts. To gain the perfect attendance bonus, you must be on time, every time for all classes and all assignments.

If you have a 96.000% or higher average, you are exempt from taking the final e

Tentative Schedule 
JAN 16 What's alive?; the scientific method; pseudoscience;
Monkey Born With Genetically Engineered Cells
Scientific Method
  22 20 Ways the World Will End
20 Species We'll Lose
29 Experts Explore Safer Tests for Down Syndrome Biological Molecules
FEB 5 On Watch for Any Hint of Mad Cow Disease Mitosis/Meiosis
12 The AIDS Questions That Linger
The Brazilian Solution
Isolating DNA
19 Sea Sick DNA Fingerprinting
26 Black and White Lab Midterm
MAR 5   Human Genetics
12 Spring Break Week Extinction Simulation
APR 2   Fruit Flies I
16   Fruit Flies II
23 Debates
30 Debates Fruit Flies III
MAY 7 Finals week.