Here are the questions composed by your colleagues.  This is the total of ALL of the multiple choice questions which were submitted.  Dr. Skinner claims no responsibility for these!


1.      When was Mad Cow Disease found in Europe?

a. 1999

b. 1972

c. mid-1980s

d. 1960s


2.      At what age does a woman have to worry about having a Downs Syndrome baby?

a. 35

b. 27

c. 25

d. 19


3.      Which animal might be extinct in 50 yrs?

a. Dog

b. Goldfish

c. Chinese River Dolphin

d. Owl


4.      How might the world end suddenly?

a. Reversal of the earth's magnetic field

b. Collapse of the vacuum

c. Rogue black holes

d. All of the above.


5.      Which of the following is NOT a way the world might end?

a. flood basalt volcanism

b. global warming

c. alien invasion

d. core collapse


6.      Which of the following was NOT on the list of 20 species we could lose in 20 years?

a. Maui tree snail

b. Aye-aye

c. Iberian lynx

d. Saola


7.      What percentage of Down Syndrome babies are born to women over 35?

a. 83

b. 52

c. 47

d. 22


8.      Which of the following is NOT listed as a way you can contract variant C.J.D.?

a. Blood transfusion & organ donation

b. Eating contaminated beef products

c. Contaminated surgical instruments

d. Sexual intercourse


9.      What % of Down Syndrome does the triple screen catch?

a. 55

b. 74

c. 88


10.Prions are located in the

a. Nervous system

b. Brain

c. Blood stream


11.Trisomy 13 is the _____ most common.

a. 2nd

b. 3rd

c. 4th


12.Trisomy 13 has what % of cardiac malformations?

a. 70

b. 80

c. 90


13.What is the earliest an amniocentesis can be done?

a. 9-13 weeks

b. 4-12 weeks

c. 14-18 weeks


14.What is the occurrence of Down Syndrome?

a. 1 in 600

b. 2 in 600

c. 1 in 700


15.Astrology is known as

a. A recognized field of science

b. A religious cult

c. The study of stars and planets

d. A pseudoscience

e. A way to predict the future


16.Amniocentesis draws fluid from the

a. Womb

b. Spinal cord

c. Amnion

d. Uterus


17.The human form of Mad Cow Disease is known as

a. Crutchfield Jensen

b. Creutzfeldt Jakob

c. Cratchford Jenkins

d. Liz Grigas


18.What does Mad Cow Disease do to your brain?

a. Make you smart

b. Kill you

c. Put holes in your brain

d. All of the above


19.When HIV enters the body through sexual intercourse it must do what to spread the disease?

a. Have contact with an open wound.

b. Transmitted through a needle

c. Cross a tissue

d. All of the above.


20.Amniocentesis is believed to do what to hurt a prenant woman?

a. Stimulate the child's growth

b. Change the sex

c. Cause a miscarriage

d. All of the above.