Testing Finds Blood Donors Are Carrying Nile Virus

by Lawrence Altman

New York Times.  September 19, 2003.


Should We Spray for West Nile Virus?  Powerpoint presented in class.

Vocabulary you should know:

West Nile Virus mosquito-borne disease
vector encephalitis
egg-larva-pupa-adult wriggler
emerging disease

When you have finished reading this article and attended the lecture/discussions, you should be able to:

  1. trace the basic life cycle of a mosquito.
  2. discuss the arrival and subsequent rapid spread of West Nile Virus in North America.
  3. evaluate the threat posed by this disease.
  4. explain to a friend what precautions they should take to prevent getting this disease.
  5. decide whether we should spray insecticides to control mosquitoes that may spread West Nile Virus.
  6. evaluate the threat of getting West Nile Virus from a blood transfusion.

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