Biome Presentations for Ecology

Use these and your textbook to study for the biomes quiz.  Remember, you are responsible for all biomes (both wet and terrestrial) that are included in the two chapters in the text.  When you study, be sure to look for the points that were to be stressed in the presentations:  location, climate, special features, wildlife, and threats.


Biome Presentations-Fall 2014

Mountains Deserts Mediterranean
Tropical Dry Forest Tropical Rain Forest Tropical Savanna
Temperate Rain Forest Temperate Forest Caves
Salt Marsh Tundra Open Ocean
Boreal Forest-Taiga Temperate Grassland Coral Reef/Kelp Gardens

Biome Presentations-Fall 2013

Mountains Deserts Mediterranean Woodland
Tropical Dry Forest Tropical Rain Forest Tropical Savanna
Wetlands Temperate Forest Caves
Tropical Desert Tundra Taiga
Boreal Forest-Taiga Temperate Grassland Temperate Rainforest
Mangrove Forests Boreal Forest  

Biome Presentations-Fall 09

Deep Blue Sea Lakes Boreal Forest
Tropical Dry Forest Marine Shores-Intertidal Zone Temperate Grasslands
Rivers and Streams Tropical Savannah Tundra
Climate Mountains Tropical Rain Forest
Salt Marshes Desert Kelp Forest and Coral Gardens
Soils Mediterranean Woodland  

Biome Presentations-Fall 10

Chaparrel Marine Shores-Intertidal Boreal Forest
Temperate Rain Forest Salt Marshes Rivers and Streams
Tropical Dry Forest Tropical Rain Forest Mediterranean
Tundra Tropical Savanna Soils
Desert Lakes Climate
Temperate Grasslands Mountains Kelp Forest & Coral Gardens

Biome Presentations-Fall 10

Bogs Boreal Forest-Seeley Boreal Forest-Lishman
Chaparrel Climate Change Coral Reefs
Deep Blue Sea Deserts Estuaries
Intertidal Zone Lakes Mountains
Riparian Zone Temperate Forest Tropical Dry Forest
Tropical Savannah Tundra Wetlands