BIOL 1021
Bird Banding

Spring 2015

Dr. Jerry Skinner, Capwell Hall 211.  Phone (570) 945-8404.  E-mail:

Required Texts:  

North American Banders' Study Guide (NABSG) and Guide to the Banding of North American Passerines (GBNAP), both published by the North American Banding Council.  Will be passed out in class..


Any field guide to the birds of North America. The Peterson Field Guide is a good one.

Class Meetings: Fridays, 730 - 9:00 am and times to be arranged.  Come prepared for weather conditions.

Course Goal:  To introduce you to the wildlife biology technique of bird banding.


  1. to act according to the Bird Bander's Code of Ethics.
  2. to be able to properly erect, monitor, and maintain mistnets.
  3. to be able to safely extract birds from mistnets.
  4. to be able to safely handle birds and switch them between hands and grips.
  5. to understand the numbering system of bands.
  6. to be able to apply bands properly.
  7. to understand and apply the basics of ageing and sexing of birds.
  8. to properly record the data.
  9. to interact with the public in a sensitive way.
Tentative Schedule

Note:    I hope to spend one or more afternoons road banding American Kestrels.  This will be outside of normal class time.  I hope you'll be able to make it!

Date   Topic Assignment for next class
Mar 27 Course information.  Introductory banding demonstration. NABSG sections 2,3,4,5,10.1-10.5
Apr 3 PowerPoints:  Introduction to Birdbanding; Bird Topography Study for quiz on bird topography.
  10 Quiz.  Handling birds & setting up mist nets. NABSG section 11 and GBNAP section 4
  17 Quiz.  Ageing and sexing. GBNAP section 13.4
  24 Quiz.  Banding  
May 1 Quiz.  Banding Summary of banding-related research article
  TBA Banding/Final Exam  

Weekly written quizzes (5@10 pts) 50
Instructor's subjective evaluation 25
Final written and practical examination 65
Summary of banding-related research article 25
Total 165 pts

Bird Banding Laboratory:  The North American Bird Banding Program

North American Banding Council

Powdermill Nature Preserve