Assignments for Field Ornithology

All assignments must be typed.

Summary of Technical Article (20 pts)

Summarize an ornithological article selected from a professional journal (e.g., The Auk, Wilson Bulletin, Ecology, The Condor, etc..  Be sure to include the complete bibliographic reference.  In your own words, describe what the nature of the study is, how it was conducted, and what the conclusions are.  Include a photocopy of the abstract of your article.

Life Histories of three species (at least one federally or state endangered) (@15 pts) 

Submit a one page (each) concise summary of three species of birds.  Use of Birds of North America (on reserve in the library) is required.  Each species must be in a different family. Summarize its range, habitat, food habits, conservation issues, and any other interesting relevant information.  The endangered species may be on either a state, federal, or international list.  For this species, be sure to discuss the reasons it is imperiled and whether any steps are being taken to help it recover.