Field Biology 109-V


Fall 2010



Mr. Shane M. Kleiner - office (570) 826-2597  Cell (570) 407-1633

Dr. Jerry Skinner, Capwell Hall 211.  Phone (570) 945-8404.  E-mail:

Required Texts:  


Nature Of Course

The study of the Susquehanna River as the lifeblood of Northeastern Pennsylvania. We will study prehistory to the present challenges surrounding the largest watershed of  the Northeastern United States.

Goals:  Students will obtain an understanding of the issues surrounding the Susquehanna  River.  The topics to be discussed and observed are the geology, history, ecology, economic and environmental issues surrounding development and the health of the Susquehanna River.

Objectives :

The objectives of this course will be to introduce students to:

1. Native American history around the river.

2. how geology shapes the landscape and development of the river.  

3. what laws, regulations and best management practices exist to protect the resource.

4. invertebrate studies and water quality.

5. the development and industry of the watershed.

Course Outline:

September 10,5:30 pm:  Session 1 - Introduction

* Overview of the nature of the course

* Review of course outline

* DVD “Looking to the River”

* Resource list for river trip


September 17,5:00 pm:  Session 2 - Preparation for trip  

* DVD “The Pennsylvania Forest”

* Details for river trip


September 20-21:  Session  3 - Weekend trip


September 24,5:00 pm:  Session  4- Class recap and conclusion



Quizzes - Expect periodic quizzes throughout the course  - they will be short (10 questions) and  based on assigned materials and the previous session.

Exams  - there will be a  final exam which will be based on lectures, readings and presentations.

While there is not a deadline for the disclosure of a disability by a student, in order to facilitate the documentation and accommodation processes, students are encouraged to voluntarily and confidentially disclose any disability requiring an accommodation period to the beginning of class.  This disclosure should be made to Sarah Keating,  Vice President of enrollment, Keystone’s Section 504/ADA Coordinator.  Students who disclose a disability, and who are seeking an accommodation, ultimately will be expected to provide documentation verifying the disability