Study Guide for Field Biology:  Fall Wildflowers Practical Final Exam


1. Refresh yourself on the use of your Newcombe's Guide.  You will have several plants to identify.  Some of these will be ones that you have already seen, but several will be specimens collected elsewhere.  You can't really study for this section except to be sure that you can quickly make use of the book.


2. Be sure that you are familiar with concepts like leaf shapes, margins, branching patterns (e.g. pinnatifid), etc.  Additionally, you have some of this information inside the covers of your textbook.


3. Have an understanding of taxonomy and classification.


4. Be able to identify ferns, aspects of their life cycle, and their structures.


5. Be familiar with some of the families we most frequently encountered in the field and lab.


6. Be able to identify and distinguish between fruits.


7. Be able to distinguish between monocots and dicots.



This test will be mostly open book.  You will be permitted to make use of Newcombe's flower guide or any other wildflower guide you wish to bring.  I will supply the reference books that were available in lab.  You will also be able to use the Fernfinders, and the handout on fruits.  Of course, any of these books will be available in the lab room before the final, and you will have access to your plant specimens until the final.