Fall 2006            IDS 101:  First Year Seminar: 


Instructor:  Dr. Jerry Skinner, Capwell Hall 208; 570-945-8404; jerry.skinner@keystone.edu

Meeting Times:  Monday and Wednesday  12:30 - 1:45 p.m., Kemmerer Hall, Room 101

Text:  None.

Course Objectives:

Tentative Course Schedule

Class Date

Class Activity

Assignments Due

August 28, Monday



Get Acquainted

Fill out class schedule


August 30

No formal class meeting because-->

Thursday, August 31: 

All-College Convocation 12:30 pm.  Theater in Brooks MANDATORY!

September 4, Monday-

No Class--Labor Day




September 6

Back Campus Hike

In the woods wear appropriate shoes!! 

September 11, Monday



September 13

No regular class meeting.  Attend "The Importance of Dialogue in a Fractious World" in The Theatre in Brooks tomorrow.


September 18, Monday

Sexual Assault /Date Rape Discussion with Lori Moran


September 20

Scientific Method discussion


September 25, Monday

President Boehm visits

Visit Cupillari Astronomy Observatory tonight.

Meet at Capwell Hall at 7:15 pm. or at Observatory at 7:25 pm.  Click HERE for directions.

September 27

Pseudoscience presentations.


October 2, Monday

Scientific method presentations

Science hero assignment is made

 Each group will present a PowerPoint presentation for their experiment along with a written scientific report

October 6, Wednesday


Science hero papers due

October 9, Monday

No Class-Columbus Day



October 11, Wednesday

Research Paper Instruction

Reaction Critique Workshop

October 16, Monday



Meet at 7:30PM at the Observatory in Fleetville


October 18, Wednesday

Project Day

No Class work on research project!!!

October 23, Monday

Scheduling Classes for Spring Semester


October 25, Wednesday

Attend Career Forum on Thursday.

 Thursday, Oct. 26

Career Forum-mandatory

October 30, Monday


Cheating in College Video


November 1, Wednesday



November 6, Monday



November 8, Wednesday


PowerPoint presentations

November 13, Monday



November 15, Wednesday

No Class because -->

Thursday, Nov. 16

Speech Contest:  Meet at 12:30 in Brooks Theater

November 20, Monday



November 22, Wednesday

No Class-Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!


November 27, Monday

Alcohol Poisoning Guest Lecturer Randy Light


November 29, Wednesday



December 4, Monday



December 6, Wednesday



December 11--FINALS WEEK







IDS 101

Smart People Believe Weird Things

Seven Signs of Bogus Science

Pseudoscience Link