Limnology Paper

You will write a paper on the limnological topic of your choice.  How long should it be?  I cannot comprehend how anyone could address a subject in any meaningful way in less than 5 pages (excluding graphics, figures, and literature cited sections.)  It must be fully cited and written with perfect grammar and spelling.  Register your topic with me...first come, first served.  You may select one of the following topics or invent your own.

Some possible topics for papers/projects for Limnology:

  1. Discuss in detail (and perhaps demonstrate) some of the many anomalous properties of water.
  2. The saga of Glenburn Pond-its long history, environmental problems, and its future.
  3. Should there be an inflatable dam on the Susquehanna River near Wilkes-Barre?  Discuss the pros, cons, and history of this proposed project.
  4. Impact of invasive species (fish, plants, invertebrates, plankters, etc.) in the Great Lakes ecosystem.
  5. The efforts to restore American Shad into the Susquehanna River.
  6. The fishing bait industry in NE PA.
  7. Acid precipitation in NE PA lakes and streams.
  8. What every fisherman should know about limnology.
  9. Ecological impacts of stocking non-native trout (rainbow and brown) into PA waters.
  10. Endangered aquatic species:  plants, fish, mussels, invertebrates, etc.
  11. Water-borne diseases.
  12. PA's public and private hatchery operations.
  13. Efforts to inventory and restore PA's freshwater mussels.
  14. Impact of natural gas exploration on surface water.
  15. Impact of natural gas exploration on ground water.
  16. Acid mine drainage's impacts on NE PA streams; can anything be done?