This is one of the most famous geological sites in the world.  Where is it and what is it's significance?
(Submission of the correct answer to this question is worth 1 pt. of extra credit.)

Useful Links
     Pennsylvania Geological Survey-lots of good info here

Courses at other Colleges & Universities
     University of Houston-quite useful
     More college geology courses than you can count!-notes, test, etc.

Glossary of Geologic Terms

Research Links
     University of Akron Geology Photo Archives-use them to illustrate your presentation!
     Resources for Earth Science and Geography Instruction

     Hillman Hall of Minerals & Gems at The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh 
     Penn-Minerals-a source of minerals from Pennsylvania

Mineralogical Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania-a club of local rockhounds and geology enthusiasts.


Places That Every Geologist Should Visit at Least Once in Their Life

This Dynamic Earth:  The Story of Plate Tectonics

Field Trips
     Virtual Geology Field Trips

     Michigan Technological University Volcanoes Page
     VolcanoWorld-a truly excellent site.