Catalog Description
PHSC 108.  Geology. The study of the earth's mineral composition; processes of formation; the effects of these processes on materials and structures of the earth's crust; rocks and minerals, fossils, models and topographic maps.  Two hours lecture and discussion, two-hour laboratory.  Three Credits.

Weekender Summer Traditional Fall 2007

Chapter Objectives
Chapter 1 Basic Geological Concepts
Chapter 2  Plate Tectonics and the Ocean Floor
Chapter 3 Earthquakes
Chapter 4 Interior of the Earth
Chapter 5 Minerals
Chapter 6 Igneous Activity
Chapter 7 Volcanism
Chapter 8 Sedimentary Rocks
Chapter 9 Metamorphic Rocks
Chapter 10 Geologic Time
Chapter 11 Rock Deformation
Chapter 12 Plate Tectonics and the Continental Crust
Chapter 13 Weathering and Soils
Chapter 14 Mass Wasting
Chapter 15 Streams
Chapter 16 Groundwater
Chapter 17 Glaciers and Climate
Chapter 18 Deserts and Winds
Chapter 19 Coasts and Shoreline Processes
Chapter 20 Mineral and Energy Resources
Chapter 21 Planetary Geology
Ancillary Chapter Pennsylvania Geology