Course Pages of Dr. Jerry Skinner
Professor of Biology 

One College Green
La Plume, PA 18440

Professor of Biology; Capwell Hall 211; (570) 945-8404;

Resident Naturalist, Woodbourne Forest and Wildlife Preserve of The Nature Conservancy

Courses Taught:
BIOL 1001 Newsworthy Topics in Biology

Weekender Newsworthy Topics

BIOL 1120 Environmental Science
BIOL 1003 Human Health Issues

Weekender Human Health Issues

BIOL 1125 General Biology I for Majors
BIOL 1017 Field Biology-Herpetology BIOL 1130 General Biology II for Majors
BIOL 1013 Field Biology-Fall Wildflowers BIOL 2120 General Ecology
BIOL 1015 Field Biology-Insects BIOL 2018 Operation Rubythroat:  Migration Ecology of Hummingbirds in Belize
BIOL 1020 Field Biology-Water Quality Monitoring BIOL 3115 Wetland and Riparian Ecology
BIOL 1021 Field Biology-Bird Banding BIOL 3135 Limnology
BIOL 1024 Field Biology -Mammals BIOL 3145 Wildlife & Fisheries Biology
BIOL 1028 Field Biology:-Invasive Species ENVT 4110 Case Study Field Trip
BIOL 1037 Field Biology-Ornithology IDS 101 The First Year Seminar:  the Keystone Experience
BIOL 1038 Field Biology-Marine Mammals PHSC 108 Geology
BIOL 1041 Field Biology-Fishes of NE Pennsylvania PHSC 1440 Energy and Environment
BIOL 1043 Field Biology-Winter Ecology PHSC 110 Global Change
BIOL 1049 Field Biology of Vernal Pools PHSC 205 Earth Systems History
BIOL 1053 Field Biology-Butterflies & Dragonflies KCeeI:  Flora and Fauna of Northeastern PA
BIOL 1054 Field Biology of Birds:  2nd Breeding Bird Atlas
BIOL 1055 Field Biology:  Biology & Geology of Caves
BIOL 1058 Field Biology:  Susquehanna Sojourn
BIOL 1065 Field Biology:  Fall Migration
BIOL 1066 Field Biology:  Woodland Survival
BIOL 1068 Field Biology:  Nature Photography and Journalistic Writing