This will be a one question final.  The question is given below so that you have time to thoughtfully consider your response.  While I encourage you to research, discuss, and even write out a response in advance, you may not use any of these materials at the final exam--you must write 'off the top of your head'.


The Question:

Although the vast majority of scientists are convinced that global climate change is real and happening (  there are some skeptics who remain unconvinced. 

Your task is to make a convincing argument either for or against this point of view.  So, you will write a convincing case to present to a skeptic.  This means that you must provide facts and evidence.  Emotional arguments and anecdotal evidence will not be accepted.

Choose ONLY ONE of the following alternatives:

  1. Convince a 'non-believer' that global climate change is real and in progress.  Propose realistic solutions to this problem.


    2.   Take a 'believer' to task.  Pointing out inadequacies in the case for climate change and make a convincing case for why no action is called for.


Besides your textbook, it's easy to find online sources.  Just search for 'climate change skeptic' and you'll find sites like

Good luck!