COMM 107 Resource page

This page offers resources for COMM 107,
Introduction to Public Speaking.
Here you will find videos describing the four speeches required for the course, as well as chapter summaries from the textbook. The textbook referenced for this material is:

The Speechmaking Process, Twelfth Edition, by Raymond S. Ross & Diana K. Leonard 2007

Speech Rubrics

rubric 1 rubric 2 rubric 3 rubric 4
rubric 5 rubric 6 rubric 7 rubric 8


Speech Contest 2008 videos:

Jordan Shugart
Chris Cercone

Diana Walker
Shane Neary
Brandon Nadeau
Andre Murrias



Four required speeches:
Introduction Speech
Information Speech
Demonstration Speech
Persuasion Speech

Chapter Summaries:

Chapter 1 Chapter 5 Chapter 9 Chapter 13
Chapter 2 Chapter 6 Chapter 10 Chapter 14
Chapter 3 Chapter 7 Chapter 11  
Chapter 4 Chapter 8 Chapter 12  

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